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In order to meet the needs of different style of home decoration, the difa custom furnishings of the whole house provide a variety of style of bedroom wardrobe. No matter what style you like, we difa can be tailored to you.

In modern home furnishing, more and more people prefer to custom made wardrobe rather than the traditional wardrobe.Because in this way, the owner have a lot of selections of customized wardrobe’s base material.

The wardrobe is divided into sliding door wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe, mirror wardrobe, open wardrobe and other different types.Only if the wardrobe is maintained well,the wardrobe can be used longer.So we difa is here to popularize how to maintain the war

The kitchen is one important part of the home decoration.Practical and good-looking kitchen cabinet is also the most important part of the kitchen decoration.So it is very important to know how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of a set of kitc

As one of the material of wardrobe, lacquer wardrobe became more and more popular recently, which is easy to shape, with bright color, beautiful and chic. Actually, lacquer wardrobe can be used for a long time if it can be kept appropriately.

Do you know how to define if your custom wardrobe cabinets designed appropriately or not?

Is it better to custom bedroom closet shelves through carpenters than that through custom wardrobe companies?

More and more people choose to customize kitchen cabinet, but most may ignore some little problems that would bring inconvenience in the future life.

When kitchen cabinet custom made, most people just consider the beautiful appearance, but ignore the practical functions.

Most people just pursue the style of the kitchen cabinet, because they believe that it will decide the mood when cooking. But they will find...

When we customize wardrobe, it is common to choose wardrobe with door rather than without door. Today Difa will talk about the price of doors for wardrobe.

It is important to consider the size and placement of wardrobe for mini bedroom. Otherwise, the bedroom would look smaller, even waste room.

If you have trouble in the selection of custom furniture or finished furniture...

When choosing kitchen cabinet, which elements should be considered? The price? The style? or...

When purchasing furniture, most people that don’t want finish furniture may confuse that which one is better, custom or home-made. In DIFA’s opinion, only know their advantages and disadvantages, we could choose the right one.