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How to maintain the wardrobe

  • 2018-03-02

The wardrobe is divided into sliding door wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe, mirror wardrobe, open wardrobe and other different types.Difa can provide all these types of wardrobe, and can provide custom service according to the customer's requirements and preferences.

 No matter whether the wardrobe is bought from difa or not, our difa hopes that each wardrobe will be well maintained in order to use for a long time.So we difa is here to popularize how to maintain the wardrobe.

1.Keep the wardrobe’s door clean day-to-day, and there can be no sundries and dust in the track. When cleaning, a semi wet cloth can be used to wipe the wardrobe and door, and avoid to use corrosive cleaning agent. The dust of the track can be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner or a small brush, and the metal parts, such as the wardrobe, the pull rod and so on, should be wiped with dry cloth.

2.It should prevent the heavy objects and sharps from hitting the track, scratching the wardrobe and the door.And in order to prevent the edge from falling off, the side of the wardrobe can not touch the water and other liquid solvents.

3.Open the door, and let the wardrobe breathable as much as possible.Or use the dehumidifier regularly so as to prevent the body of wardrobe and clothing from getting damp.Don’t use an aromatic agent containing chemical ingredients to remove the smell.

4.When air or weather is too humid, please open doors and windows regularly to ventilate and place small packets of dry lime or other desiccator in the corner of the wardrobe to prevent cabinet and door from being mouldy and deformed.

5.The wooden wardrobe is usually wiped with a clean cloth.If there is dirt, you can use Wet cloth with soap or neutral detergent to wipe.

6.It’s a normal phenomenon that the light rail door pulley would make a noise when it has used for a long time.To ensure the lasting smooth and mute of pulley, please add lubricating oil regularly every 2-3 months along the upper and lower pulley.

7.At the time of choosing and buying, picking a drawer, cupboard or other furniture with high density is the best strategy to reduce dust.|

8.Don’t place the wardrobe in the place where the sun is shining directly, so as to prevent the wood from deforming or brittle under light.

9.After a long time to use the push and pull door, the dustproof strip may have a slight degumming phenomenon.This can be repaired with the double side glue.If the lower track locator appears a gap, you can use a word screwdriver to push the positioner to the side plate edge to the seams.If the sliding door appears tilt phenomenon, just adjust "loose" signs of the left bottom wheel at the bottom or “tight” signs of the right bottom wheel.  the right tilt adjustment mark left bottom wheel "loose" signs at the bottom or right "tight" at the wheel.

10, when we use the sliding door, we must first see if the handle has been raised. If it is convex, it should be dealt with promptly, so as not to cause greater losses.

The above is a few points on the maintenance of the overall wardrobe.But in case the wardrobe is mouldy because it is not be maintained well, you don't have to worry too much.The moldy treatments of the wardrobe are as follows:

1.when we find mouldy in the wardrobe, we must first clean up the mouldy place.You can wipe it with dry paper towel or with dry brush to clean up the moldy place. If the mould can not be clean up, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it.By this way, it can be very easy to get rid of mildew.

2.In addition to wipe up the mould with cloth, we also need to paint the varnish on it so that it can effectively prevent the longer molds.Moldy is often caused by the problem of paint, so we can also use the fanyulin to clean, and then wipe clean with a clean cloth.

3.The more humid the air is, the easier the wardrobe is to be mouldy.so when the home is especially wet, we can put some lime at home.This way not only can effectively prevent damp, but also have the efficacy of disinfection.If the moisture in the wardrobe is too heavy, you can put tungsten filament bulbs in the wardrobe.Open it in damp time, then it will effectively reduce the water in the closet, and keep the wardrobe dry.

4.If the wardrobe is moldy, it will spread to our home soon and will cause some respiratory diseases. In order to prevent this situation, we can put some desiccant in the wardrobe at ordinary times, which can absorb the excess water in the wardrobe and make the wardrobe more dry. At the same time, we can put some orange peel in the wardrobe, and it can also play the role of cleaning and environmental protection.Besides, we should pay attention to ventilation and ventilation at intervals, and try not to use humidifier in the room so as to prevent wet weight and protect the use of wardrobe. After we have towed the ground with a wet mop, we should also pay attention to opening the windows so that the water can be effectively dried.

The above are the maintenance method of the wardrobe and the method of removing moldy.It is suggested that people should spend more time to maintain the wardrobe, so as to ensure the normal service life of the wardrobe. Because it not only takes more time to deal with these problems when the wardrobe is dampened by damp and mouldy, but also will affect the life of the wardrobe.

By the way, if you or your friends need a wardrobe sets or other furniture, please feel free to contact difa:(inquiry@difacn.com).We difa will do our best to provide you with a satisfactory product and the most favorable price for you.