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Wood Furniture
1.First, dampen a soft lint-free cloth, and clean the dust on the cabinet with it, using a mild soap if necessary.
2.Second, wipe dry with another clean soft cloth immediately.
3.We suggest that you could polish your cabinet once or twice each year.

1.Don’t use harsh abrasives, like steel wool, soap pads or detergents on your cabinet, which would mar your wood cabinet.
2.Don’t use paste wax or polishes that contain silicone, because it would leave wax, which is difficult to remove and will attract dust.

Plywood, Melamine or MDF Furniture
1.First, clean the dust with a damp, soft cloth.
2.Then, wipe dry with a a clean, soft cloth if you want.

1.Avoid abrasive household cleaners.
2.Avoid using some agents, such as acetone, acetate or ethyl alcohol, because such solvents will break down bonds on edge-banding.
3.Ammonia cleaner that has been diluted is allowed.
4.Paste wax or polishes that contains silicone should be abandoned, for its features of non-remove, may attract dust.
Clean dust with cotton-tipped swabs and warm water, then wipe dry with clean, soft clothes.
Some harsh chemicals would damage the surface of hardware, so they are NOT allowed.