How to choose the kitchen cabinet material?

When it comes to buying kitchen cabinet, you may be confused by how to choose the kitchen cabinet material. Today let us know what kitchen cabinet materials are.

1.Medium Density Fiberboard

Fiberboard has different density.The density under 650kg/m³ called low density fiberboard(LDF), between 650-800kg/m³ called medium density fiberboard(MDF) and higher than 800kg/m³ called high density fiberboard(LDF).MDF is made of plant fiber as the main raw material and is processed by hot grinding, sizing, drying, paving, hot pressing and other processes.


Smooth surface, uniform internal structure, moderate density, easy to engrave patterns or shapes.Good toughness, not easy to break.

As a kitchen cabinet material, MDF can replace the solid wood to realize the engraving pattern and the price is cheaper than the solid wood, which is favored by many customers.

The only downside is that the engraved pattern is not as refined as the solid wood, but it is also beautiful enough for the home kitchen cabinet.


Plywood also called ecological board. According to the European environmental protection standards, the environmental protection grade of Difa plywood reaches E0 (formaldehyde emission ≤0.5mg/L), which is the highest environmental protection level at present. It is made of multi-layer plywood arranged in a crisscross pattern and the surface is melamine colored paper.


The criss-cross structure makes it solve the deformation defects of solid wood panels from the aspect of internal stress. The excellent environmental performance of plywood is the reason why our customer choose it to be kitchen cabinet material. Its disadvantage is the criss-cross structure lead it can’t engraving pattern.

3.Particle board

Particle board is a wood-based panel that is glued by wood chips and applied under the action of heat and pressure.


Compared with other material, it is more cheaper. As a kitchen cabinet material, it is heavy and can’t engraving pattern because of makeing by wood chips.

4.Solid wood board

Solid wood board means wood board made of complete wood, which is the High-grade kitchen cabinet material.


It has nature grain, nature wood aroma and very durable. It has good hygroscopicity and gas permeability, which is good for human health and does not cause environmental pollution. On the contary, solid wood board is expensive and has high requirement of construction process.

Tips: Forest resources are limited. It is impossible to manufacture kitchen cabinet from a large number of solid wood panels. Using MDF and plywood is a wise choice and a contribution to the protection of forest resources.

In short, MDF and plywood is the good choices of ktichen cabinet material. They have appropriate price and durable, which can meet people’s various requirements for kitchen cabinet.

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