Island Cabinet Kitchen Design

What is Island Cabinet?

It is common for owners to purchase a freestanding island cabinet to increase a kitchen’s area. Dimension of an island cabinet is usually not limited or not in specific dimension. An island cabinet can be sized appropriate to the kitchen space available and it is also an important part of modular kitchen.


What Is Island Cabinet?

Island cabinet is usually a free standing piece of cabinetry placed in a kitchen. And mainly to supplement the counter space. There are incredible amount of diverse opportunities for personal expression in the creation and inclusion of an island to a kitchen. Referring to this kitchen feature as an island does not infer permanence.

It is a common practice to build an island by purchasing additional base cabinets from a same manufacturer. That is to ensure that all the kitchen features are matches. In modern styled kitchens, designers are beginning to place more functions to kitchen island. Sinks, ovens and cooking surfaces, you could nearly regarded the island as a cooking area. It is also common to see island cabinets featuring with stools and chairs as additional dining area. Though an island is an excellent opportunity to include more storage in the kitchen, there are some island designs that have no internal storage. Some have also liberally described a large permanently placed table as an island, though a true island should stand at a countertop height that is uniform to the entire kitchen.


What Is The Island Cabinet Function?

Island is part of kitchen cabinet system, so this is the most discussion should focus. Make sure the function of your cabinet. Decide what your island’s main function is going to be. Most home kitchen island cabinet is a good place for both cooking and dining. If you regards the island cabinet as a cooking area and what applications and sinks is island cabinet, then you will need more space. If you regard the island as a place for casual meals, seats should be equipped at once.

Storage space of a island cabinet depends on your kitchen layout. If you have enough cabinetry in the rest part of your kitchen, storage may not be necessary for an island. If you decided to build up a island cabinet with applications and sinks, you need to plan the functions as well as spacing. Then in a kitchen working triangle, island cabinet could serve as a sink area or stove area. But you need to make room for prep utensils and cutting boards near the sink.