Latest project: Vietnam Trung Hoang.

Vietnamese customer Trung Hoang came to China to visit our factory in order to find the wardrobe for his exhibition hall. After seeing the samples, he was very satisfied with our products, and finally decided to choose Difa to customize 13 showroom wardrobes.

The cabinet selected by the customer is a multi-layer board, and the door is a glass door. The glass door makes the whole cabinet look more elegant and generous, while the glass door can also be dust-proof. In the exhibition hall, customers can also observe the details inside the wardrobe. The wardrobe accessories have our built-in energy-saving lamps, convenient pants racks and hidden drawers, which greatly enhance the practicality of the wardrobe. Customers choose black to match the glass door, the color is harmonious and natural, it is very clean, giving people a visual enjoyment, it is most suitable in the exhibition hall. The multi-layer board used in the wardrobe has a life span of 10 years and is both durable and beautiful. The price of the wardrobe with a swing door is also relatively cheap.

Difa also offers a variety of cabinet materials and styles for customers to choose from: sliding door type, walk-in type, etc. meet the needs of different places. Colors can also be customized for the customer’s wishes.

We welcome customers from all over the country to visit our factory to see samples before  making decisions. Difa is committed to customizing satisfied cabinets and wardrobes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.

Below is a finished product diagram of the product. For everyone to appreciate.