Modular Kitchen Cabinet is Like Lego

Modular Kitchen Cabinet For Cooking Space

Life in modern cities sometimes means that you have to live in departments with small rooms. In that case, small kitchen layout are becoming more and more popular. Many companies tend to provide modular kitchen designs for cooking space. And in fact, modular kitchen cabinet do provides better price than traditional kitchen.


So, What Is Modular Kitchen Cabinet?

A modular kitchen is different from traditional style which are usually custom-built or built on-site. Modular kitchen cabinet usually includes floor cabinets, wall cabinets, counter tops and may include accessories such as oven, microwave and refrigerators. You could build your own cooking space by choosing these pro-made cabinets and accessories with colors and patterns you need.

Build a modular kitchen cabinet is just like playing Lego, all you need to do is choosing right parts and make them up. Main elements affecting the final cost are materials and the quantities. Popular materials including wood and laminate for the cabinets, granite and marble for countertop. While Quartz countertop are becoming quite popular these years due to their durability and easy to maintain.


Tips for Choosing Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen Cabinet Island Cabinet

One of the greatest advantages of modular kitchen design is their versatile. Modular kitchen accessories allow you to plan and adjust your cooking space till it’s perfectly suits your needs. You could even choose additional sinks yo segregate washing and draining. Another popular option is the island cabinet. It is usually an individual cabinet placing in the middle of cooking place. The additional cabinet can be functional as they could serve as a gathering place as well as a dining area with some chairs.

It is important to optimize every inch of your kitchen especially when your cooking space is limited. Use single door fridge instead of double-door, use tall cabinet instead of base and wall cabinet to ensure you more storage space. To make your kitchen looks larger, light color kitchen cabinet will be helpful. Some modular kitchen also provide lights which could brighten your kitchen further.


For many small room and apartment owners, modular kitchen are always a nice choice as they are easy to maintain and have a good look.

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