Sliding door wardrobe of Difa

There are three types of wardrobes are provided by Difa. Walk in wardrobe, swing door wardrobe and sliding door wardrobe. Without any doubt, sliding door wardrobe is more and more popular among customers because of its simple but elegant design. In addition, the practical advantage of sliding door wardrobe is that they don’t stick out when open. That leaves you more space, so as well as convenient for you to use. Meanwhile, rooms with moderate space, and customers in this case want to have more space to use, sliding door wardrobe is the best choice.


However, sliding door wardrobe of Difa total height is 2400mm. If you want 2800mm high, we would suggest that you make a cabinet with a row of door styles. Another choice, you can choose the top part over 2.4 meters is spliced with a piece of board. Some customers prefer sliding door wardrobe with mirror, this style can make total height is 2400mm. Don’t worry, we can make specific customization according to customer needs. If you don’t like the wardrobe with too big a border, we can provide you with a stacked style. All in all, Difa will provide a satisfactory solution according to your requirement.


Generally, we may choose four in the treatment of the surface of the door panel, we use four ways. Matte Melamine, PVC Membrane, Lacquer and HPL. Different ways show different effects. For example, the surface of Lacquer will make sliding door wardrobe have a sparkling feeling. Actually, it is made of MDF as the substrate, the surface is polished with primer, dried and then made at high temperature. Both of them with the common characters of diverse colors, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, moisture resistance, no fading, etc.


In short, we provide free size and style. Professional designers with 18 years experience must satisfy you. We’re waiting for you to contact us.