Small Wardrobe

How to Save Space for Small Wardrobe

Wardrobe might not be the most important furniture in a home. Apartments and houses usually have a pre-defined small wardrobe or closet, with might not meet your requirement. Although small wardrobe is ideal choice for small rooms, the quantity of clothes might exceeds the capability of wardrobe. A small wardrobe is usually not enough. We need careful planning to create more storage space. Here are some tips.


Off Season Items

We could place clothes which we are not require now or off-season in other place like a storage. Limited space means that every cloth should compete with each other for their space. But you don’t need to put every cloth in a same wardrobe. We could utilize prime wardrobe space for items that are frequently worn and in-season. Used them only when necessary or required. For those clothes while we are not using presently, pack them up and place them under the bed.


Storage Accessories for Small Wardrobe

Hooks and metal rods are convenient for quick tiding and storage of frequently used items. You could place them behind doors, along the bedroom walls and even in bathroom. But those hooks outside of wardrobe are only for urgent use or hanging up worn once clothes as they cannot prevent clothes from dust and stains.


Rather than just hanging rods, a combination of rods, bins and shelves carves out additional space in small wardrobes. Small drawers and bins are good choice for storing lingerie and delicate items. Small boxes can be re-used to store clips and accessories.


Make Your Room a Place For Storage

Sometimes, even doing so, storage space are still not enough for clothes. In that case, converting a room corner or hall not frequently use into clothing storage could be effective. Place some mounted rod or cabinets will creates more storage space.

If rods and cabinets don’t suit your style, try bins and baskets for shelves. They work very well for storing socks, pajamas, sweaters and other small items.


For small room, wardrobe storage s always seems to falls short. But doing works above could help to create more space.